Astrologess Weekly Update Sep 3 – 9, 2012

By: Contributor
2 September, 2012

by Catherine Kenward

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Monday 09/03 – Last night’s Venus/Saturn square (1:46 AM) casts a shadow over the day. Venus/Saturn often brings some kind of disappointment, sadness or loss. This is not a good time to buy any type of luxury item. Later, you’ll find that you don’t like it, it doesn’t fit or something happens to it the first time you wear it. This is a good time to lend out a shoulder to cry on. Somebody’s going to need it, for sure. A Mars/Pluto sextile (5:02 AM) gives determination and perseverance, what my dad used to call “intestinal fortitude”, the guts and grit it takes to carry on in the face of adversity.


Tuesday 09/04 – Yesterday’s Venus/Saturn square is still an influence this morning so people aren’t exactly clicking their heels with joy. The Moon enters Taurus at 9:41 AM so folks are taking a practical approach to problem solving. Today’s Mercury/Pluto trine (10:46 AM) encourages deep thinking and an analytical, investigative frame of mind. Mercury/Pluto wants to get down to the core, the essence of a problem. Deep, dark secrets are sometimes revealed during a Mercury/Pluto transit.


Wednesday 09/05 – The middle of the week has a thoughtful, intellectual tone as Mercury, the planet of the mind, makes another aspect, this time to Mars. Mercury sextiled Mars (2:06 AM) last night so now people are ready to communicate, to reveal the conclusions they’ve drawn from yesterday’s brain-storming.


Thursday 09/06 – Venus enters Leo at 8:48 AM. Outgoing and fun-loving, Venus in Leo has a dramatic flair. Leo Venus loves parties, plays and the arts. The Lion is generous and loyal, just don’t offend the big cat’s pride or you’ll hear those purrs turn to roars.
It’s a mellow day. There’s not much action until late tonight and, by then, things are too relaxed to cause much of a stir. The Moon enters Gemini at 10:10 PM.


Friday 09/07– The mood is expansive, optimistic and very talkative as the Virgo Sun squared Jupiter in Gemini (4:15 AM) early this morning. Both of these signs are ruled by Mercury, the great communicator, so there’s lots of talk and gossip making the rounds.
The afternoon is active and interesting. A sense of excitement and anticipation grows as the weekend approaches. Looks like there’s something fun coming up (Moon sextile Uranus at 1:12 PM).


Saturday 09/08 – Early risers, look to the east about an hour before sunrise for this morning’s beautiful Moon/Jupiter conjunction. The Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Gemini at 5:13 AM, so people wake up feeling great and full of plans for the weekend. The only downside is that Gemini can get so busy and over-scheduled with all their plans and projects that they end up totally stressed out. Keep it simple and have a great day. Mercury square Jupiter (6:14 PM) re-enforces the optimistic, outgoing nature of Friday’s line-up. Get out and enjoy. This weekend turns out to be much more fun than the Labor Day holiday was. If you’re planning a party, tonight’s the night.


Sunday 09/09 – The Moon moves into Cancer at 10:49 AM.
Things quiet down today. People are ready to rest up after an exciting couple of days. A Moon/Neptune trine (1:26 PM) has us on a slow boat most of the day. Relish the quiet, gentle, tender mood.

*All times are MDT (Mountain Daylight Time). For EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) add two hours. All aspects in bold are major influences that are in effect for several days. The Moon’s daily aspects are rapidly shifting influences that are in effect for only a few hours.

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