Astrologess Weekly Update Feb 4 – 10, 2013

By: Contributor
5 February, 2013

By Catherine Kenward

Dreamy Neptune dominates the beginning of the week, making it hard to get organized. The temptation is to just drift away on a cloud to a pleasant fantasyland. It’s best to postpone any detail work until later in the week.

Monday 02/04
The Moon enters Sag at 8:45 AM. Idealistic and altruistic, Mars conjunct Neptune (1:57 PM) is in effect for several days. Mars/Neptune wants to act on its principles and do something to make the world a better place. The intention is to be unselfish and helpful but ego issues can muddy the waters. A tendency to be self-righteous can spoil the outcome of an otherwise sincere attempt to help.

Tuesday 02/05 

Mercury enters intuitive, imaginative Pisces (7:56 AM). Mercury in Pisces (2/05-4/13) is great for empathy, creativity and meditation but any detail work requires careful analysis and will need to be checked and re-checked.

Wednesday 02/06
Neptune is stronger then ever today as Mercury conjuncts the planet of dreams (4 PM) this afternoon. But the mood is light-hearted and happy as Venus makes a couple of upbeat aspects.
Venus sextile Uranus (12:08 PM) stirs up a bit of cabin fever. Do something to break up the mid-winter monotony. Break your normal routine and get out and have some fun. Also, Venus in Aquarius trines Jupiter in Gemini (10:58 PM) later today. This happy, outgoing alignment makes this a great time to get together with friends, host a party or join a group of like-minded friends. Venus/Jupiter loves to go shopping and splurge on something special so this aspect is always a boost for retailers. The Moon moves into Capricorn at 10:55 AM.

Thursday 02/07
The mood is more subdued today, though the effect of yesterday’s alignments is still the major influence.

Friday 02/08

There’s an attempt to clear away the cobwebs and get focused today as Mercury conjuncts Mars (10:57 AM). But any longed for clarity is elusive as Neptune is still the dominant influence. Focus on creativity and imagination. Talk and write about your visions and dreams. Communicate your feelings. Music has a particularly powerful and soothing effect right now. The Moon enters Aquarius at 12:17 PM. The Moon conjuncts Venus in the early morning hours of Saturday, making tonight especially social. People go out of their way to be nice to each other. It’s a great night for a party.

Saturday 02/09

Last night’s sweet mood lingers this morning (Moon conjunct Venus at 3:25 AM).
We awake from happy dreams (Mercury square Jupiter at 5:08 AM) to deal with some unpleasant business (Moon square Saturn at 7:12 AM). Maybe you’re still just tired. Sleep in if you can.
The optimistic mood picks up again later in the day as Mercury/Jupiter’s cheerful attitude re-emerges.

Sunday 02/10

The Moon is New in 21 degrees of Aquarius (12:20 AM). The current alignments emphasize Pisces and its ruler, the planet Neptune, so the dreamy, distracted mood still dominates our awareness. The unconscious mind over rules our conscious. Mars square Jupiter (1:12 AM) is full of energy and plans for the day. There’s a tendency to over commit and over do. Have fun but recognize your limits. There’s some disappointment or sad news on the way as Venus approaches a square to gloomy Saturn (11:42 PM). Venus/Saturn often means saying good-by to something or someone.

All times are Mountain Standard Time (MST). Add two hours for EST.
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