Astrologess Weekly Update April 22 – 28, 2013

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22 April, 2013

By Catherine Kenward @

The mood is somber. There’s a lot going on astrologically this week but we’re sandwiched between two Saturn oppositions, one on Monday and one next Sunday, so sadness and disappointment are the strongest influences now.

Monday 04/22 –Venus opposes Saturn (1:43 AM) early this morning and a feeling of disappointment lingers from the weekend. Events did not turn out as well as hoped for. Venus/Saturn indicates grief and loss of some kind. People may feel shut down emotionally. Some folks are hurting, others are feeling numb and find it hard to respond with the level of comfort and compassion that the situation requires.

Tuesday 04/23 – The Moon enters Libra at 1:25 AM. This evening the mood is rather volatile as internalized stresses are relieved by unexpected, explosive outbursts of temper. Take it easy and lie low as the Moon opposes Uranus (6:37 PM) and squares Pluto (9:25 PM). Mercury sextile Jupiter (9:25 PM) lends some relief to the situation. People are more able to communicate and reach out to one another now, more able to find some positives in their current situations.

Wednesday 04/24 – The mood is noticeably brighter this morning. An early Moon/Jupiter trine (5:13 AM) has people waking up feeling more enthusiastic and better about life in general. Venus trine Pluto (9:41 AM) is a passionate aspect. There’s an out-pouring of intense feeling as we break through the numbness of Venus/Saturn. Sun sextile Neptune (3:59 PM) is a subtle influence that can be easily overlooked. It works behind the scenes as a spiritual support, lending us strength from unseen realms.

Thursday 04/25 – The Moon moves into Scorpio at 4:25 AM. This afternoon the Moon is Full in Scorpio (1:57 PM). The Moon closely conjuncts Saturn, re-enforcing the thoughts of mortality and feelings of sadness already so prevalent this week. The positives lie in the sign of Taurus where the beauty of spring reminds us of the continual renewal of life.

Friday 04/26 – Today’s Mars/Neptune sextile (7:47 PM) has some rather contradictory manifestations. It can be heroic, selfless and kind or delusional and self-righteous with a weirdly inflated ego. Over all the day tends toward the gentler side of Mars/Neptune.

Saturday 04/27 – The Moon moves into Sagittarius at 5:32 AM. There’s not much momentum today. People just want to lie low and take it easy (Moon square Neptune at 1:32 PM). Things don’t perk up until much later tonight when there’s a burst of energy as the Moon trines Uranus (10:01 PM).

Sunday 04/28 – There’s even less energy available today. We’re definitely in a slump. All the recent intensity has left people exhausted. Don’t push it, its time to rest. The Sun opposes Saturn (2:27 PM) and it will take another week or so before energy levels start to pick up again. People are in the mood to talk though. You may not feel like going out but it’s a good time to get on the phone and make contact with friends and family (Moon opposition Jupiter at 9:08 AM and trine Mercury at 10:37 PM).

All times are Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). Add two hours for EDT.

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